Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018


Well… 2017 – what a year you’ve been! And what great tuunes you’ve delivered. Some instant classics including the stunning “Burns” by George Fitzgerald, “Aura” and “Vale” by the Bicep boys, and of course, the huge huge “Cola” by CamelPhat & Elderbrook. Which reminds us… check out the brand new Robin Schulz remix! Now there’s an exclusive heads up for you all!!

Some great tracks – tooooo many to list but some awesome ones we’ve been dropping into our sets which you need to check out;

  • Alone – Cristoph
  • Love divine – Sub Focus
  • Primal Call – Gorgan City
  • Ingrid is a hybrid – Dusky
  • Take me away (Cristian Poow remix) – Anton Ishutin & Cristian Poow
  • Hello? – Tensnake

Feel free to drop us a message (we’re here, on Facebook and Twitter) if you hear or even create your own tracks; house, trance, EDM or even orchestral we’d like to hear it – as it’s all about the music, right?!

We’ve promised ourselves to make sure we do more on the blog during 2018. One great suggestion is that we actually start reviewing these awesome tracks; help to compile play lists, or suggestions for what to drop into your mixes. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter  as we’re always quoting hot tracks to check out – often Shazamin’ what we’re playing at the time!

Anyway, for now; where can i buy Lyrica online Love, Peace and Merry Christmas!!

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New York

So, what’s the first rule of having a blog? Keep it updated!

Doing well there then eh?! So what’s the excuse and what’s been happening with WeAllFeelBetterInTheDark? First of, we’ve been travelling; New York City baby to be precise! 🙂

If you’ve been you’ll know just how brash, manic and full-on it is. The bright lights of Times Square, the tourist attractions (the Empire State Building is still a must-do), the food, and the music. Entering into Manhattan’s East-side we had Phil Collins’ “In the air tonight” sending shivers down our spines. Passing through Times Square we had Cory Hart’s “Sunglasses at night” blasting out. In fact the 80’s hip hop dance tunes seem to be everywhere! Nice 🙂

If you’ve not been, well what are you doing reading this. Get onto a travel site and start booking. Plug alert: use this link and earn yourself some cashback while you’re at it (plus 15% of our referral commission as a thankyou – T&C’s apply); 

Back to the blog, and one of the big things we liked from our time in the Big Apple was of course, the tunes! As already mentioned, the 80’s vibe was everywhere but so was the latest crop of new and recently released top tunes like Kanye’s “Fade”, Trap Collection’s “Run this town” a bleepy, electronic street track, and the banging “Blood sugar” by Pendulum. One to look out for too is “Body funk” from Purple Disco Machine.

So, finally, the blog can now be updated! Remember to keep an eye on our Twitter feed and Facebook page for what we’re currently listening too. Some you’ll know, some you definitely won’t  – but should!!

Keep dancing!


Hello World

We all look, dance and feel better in the dark.

It’s all about ‘that feeling’ generated from euphoric dance music; the passion, the stirring, the rush, the inner-belief that things are just getting better and better, the world is your oyster, the night is young, you feel alive and ready for anything.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain the euphoria, the vibe, the people, when going out, or the feeling of excitement when driving, chilling out or just staying in listening to old favourites or new tracks you hear on the radio.

That is the power of dance music. That is what makes us feel great.

So, please join us, and welcome to…

We All Feel Better In The Dark